Invest in a PCC franchise for an improved lifestyle

Fraser Goodwin struggled for 15 years with his challenging job and family commitment. However, his decision of investing in a PCC (Professional Car Cleaning) franchise proved to be the ideal solution that balanced his personal and professional life.

Fraser was not satisfied with his work as a Claim Manager in an insurance company. He worked long hours to complete his task. This schedule hardly allowed him to spend quality time with his family.

Fraser was interested in cars and was looking for different franchise opportunities related to automobiles. He selected PCC because of their track record, experience, professionalism and friendliness. His wife was also impressed by the PCC offer which helped him to take the final decision.

A PCC franchise provides professional car service using a comprehensive range of superior quality products. The potential customers of PCC include corporate clients and private individuals which is a positive sign for the franchise.

Fraser started his PCC franchise and noticed a rapid growth in his business. He promoted his franchise by distributing leaflets and organised some advertisement in the local paper. Now there is no need to advertise his franchise but he does advertise in the Yellow Pages. His business is in full swing. He is enjoying the position of being his own boss.

Fraser is happy with his business due to its continuous development. His lifestyle has improved massively since he started his PCC franchise.