Italy’s top coffee franchise to come to the UK

It is quite common to hear someone say, “Lets grab a cup of coffee”. Just about anywhere you go you can be sure to find a coffee shop. This is because coffee shops are the perfect place to sit and chat with friends. Italian coffee seems to be one of the most popular and best kinds of coffee available. Many people would agree that there is probably nothing more refreshing than a hot cup of authentic Italian coffee.

One of the most popular Italian franchises is a coffee shop franchise called La Bottega del Caffe. This franchise was established in 2000 by three people who had a passion for coffee making. Their enthusiasm led them to start the very first La Bottega del Caffe, a wonderful coffee shop where customers can enjoy a range of fresh coffees, leaf teas, slush drinks, sandwiches, croissants and a variety of other fresh sweet treats.

The first La Bottega del Caffe was an instant success and it led to the signing of a number of franchises for the coffee shop throughout Italy. Currently there are 47 outlets in Italy in the cities of Florence, Milan and Rome belonging to Italian entrepreneurs. After the success the La Bottega del Caffe franchise enjoyed in Italy, it is set to come to the UK.

The stylish coffee shop franchise is seeking a UK Master Franchise Owner and Single Unit Franchise Owners to establish their expansion plans for the UK. The qualities that an ideal business partner will have are aspiration to build a successful business, enthusiasm for coffee and a good retailing record.