Jan-Pro 2013 Achievements Continue – Named #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise on Top 100 Low Cost Franchises List

A wealth of awards has been bestowed on Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems in 2013, as the brand maintains leadership positioning in commercial cleaning. The latest Jan-Pro achievement is being named as the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise on Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Low Cost Franchises for 2013 – and #2 of all franchises on the list.

Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc. (Jan-Pro), an established global leader and top brand in advanced commercial cleaning, today received the honor of being named the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise on Entrepreneur’s 'Top 100 Low Cost Franchises for 2013' list. The franchise was also named #2 of all franchises on the list.

The Jan-Pro brand is no stranger to being recognised as the best, as 2013 has already been full of notable Jan-Pro accomplishments. The top honor as a low cost franchise comes on the heels of Jan-Pro being named 'Best of the Best' in Commercial Cleaning by Entrepreneur, a coveted accolade, based on a combination of having a proven concept, a strong brand and support system for growth and success of the franchisees.

Today, with over 10,000 franchisees worldwide, Jan-Pro has steadily grown for over 20 years. In 2013, the Jan-Pro brand was also selected as a Top 100 Global Franchise. As the award achievements continue to mount, the Jan-Pro organisation continues to grow. Management feels that Jan-Pro’s growth has come from a philosophy of relentless pursuit of effectively helping each new franchisee succeed.

Jan-Pro is absolutely committed and dedicated to the success of our franchisees. The mind set of providing the best in commercial cleaning can be found throughout the Jan-Pro organization, starting with corporate office management, all the way through to each and every office around the world.

Whether you are a commercial cleaning client using Jan-Pro here in London, we know that the experience will consistently be enjoyable. Jan-Pro has worked hard to provide a low cost of entry to start a business. Efficiencies have emerged over the 20-plus year span of the company, that many industry experts feel contribute to a strong value proposition in choosing to start a Jan-Pro business.

What is the advantage of choosing a low-cost franchise? There are many benefits, including the option to start part-time or full-time, a flexibility point that attracts many new business investors. By having small costs to get a new Jan-Pro business started, start-up is quick and efficient, making the business concept appealing to all level investors. With Jan-Pro, there are options available when it comes to setting up different levels of ownership. And Jan-Pro provides training, proven systems and the support that new business owners want.

When asked what’s next in Jan-Pro’s accomplishment list, Jan Pro London summed it all up: "We will continue to do what we know works. Provide a great business opportunity. Offer the best products, systems and support most importantly, build our Jan-Pro Team with the best business people found anywhere in the London."