Jan Pro looking for cleaning franchise owners across UK

Jan Pro, a commercial cleaning company originally from USA, is in search of people who are interested in owning and operating regional franchises across the UK. The company has already struck a deal with Gavin Peacock who bought its Master Franchise for the UK.

Gavin Peacock stated that he opted for the Jan Pro model due to its great international reputation in delivering unbelievable return on investment to the franchise owners and its huge potential to fulfil needs of the UK market.

According to him, the average contract between a business and its cleaning company in the global contract cleaning business lasts around 8 months; whereas with Jan Pro the average length of contract is seven years. This strong brand loyalty, explained Gavin, speaks for Jan Pro’s reputation.

Jan Pro has signed 48 franchise deals in the last 15 months since its introduction in the Republic of Ireland. John Bell, in his introduction of Jan Pro in Northern Ireland, commented that he is hoping to replicate the success accomplished by Jan Pro Ireland, in Northern Ireland. He disclosed that the first franchise owner was likely to be signed in the next 12 months and he hoped to be adding up to 60 more thereafter.

Jan Pro is now keen in finding suitable owners for a number of franchise territories all over the UK.