Jani-King deals with the pressure of the credit crunch by introducing a new franchise

Jani-King is introducing a new flexible franchise to deal with the unpredictable global financial conditions. Jani-King is a leading contract cleaning franchisor and is the first franchisor in the UK to react to the current situation.

The highly successful Jani-King franchise will allow the new flexible franchise to offer investments which are significantly lower at the entry level.

Ian Thomas, chairman of Jani-King explains that the traditional management franchises have become unaffordable for the franchisee despite their having all the right qualities. The banks have reduced available finance which in turn has driven down the lending that is needed to start a new business.

He further elaborated that since the cleaning industry was recession proof, it would be an ideal time to invest in a contract cleaning franchise. He also stated that the current problem of bank funding should not hinder those people who have the right skills and are motivated to fulfil their ambition of setting up their own business. Therefore you have to move along with the current market conditions and develop a product that responds to them.

Thomas also spoke about how they could adapt the product to suit the financial requirement of an individual. The new flexible business would be ideal for people with a commercial background and who are motivated to set up a business within a well proven structure, but are not looking for the similar levels of sales that were guaranteed by their standard offer products.

Jani-King wishes to expand their franchisee base nationwide, so they are carefully selecting the new entrants for the new flexible franchises. The new entrants will have access to all the support programmes and training systems as per the recognised industry standards. He also said that although they believed in integrity they were ready to bring a new enthusiasm to their franchisee base.

Thomas concluded by saying that due to the cost variability and the low overheads for operations, the Jani-King franchise is highly attractive. It has been seen in the past that the sturdy nature of the cleaning industry in times of economic pressure has always brought an upswing in the demand for this franchise.