Jani King introduces flexible franchise

The credit crunch is being felt everywhere and that is why the contract cleaning franchise Jani King has come up with a novel way of beating it in the form of flexible franchises.

This new flexible franchise concept was started by Jani King especially to beat the recession. A flexible franchise is a cheaper investment compared to the conventional one and this can help eager and dedicated individuals to enter the Jani King family.

According to the Chairman of Jani King, Ian Thomas, it is the credit crunch and the economic downturn that is preventing young and eager entrepreneurs from entering the market. With the help of the flexible franchise, Jani King hopes to encourage them.

Since cleaning is a necessity, it is less affected by recession compared to other businesses and hence it is a relatively recession proof industry. This is what makes it the perfect business for enterprising individuals to enter. The flexible franchise will enable such people to have and run a business of their own, despite the monetary problems.

The best part is that Jani King has not compromised the services that come with its conventional franchise. According to Ian, it is important that the integrity of Jani King is not compromised. The flexible franchise owners will have access to all the training and support programmes of Jani King.