Jani-King Launches a Unique 'Product Innovation Programme' for it's Franchise Owners to Gain 'Extra Work' and 'Increse Turnover'

Leading contract cleaning franchisor Jani-King has launched a unique ‘Product Innovation Programme’ for their franchise network that enables franchise owners to carry out cleaning demonstrations in specific areas of contract cleaning to new and existing customers. Supported by tactical marketing, franchise owners can now use these demonstrations to generate ‘extra work’ which will help, increase their turnover and their profits.

"As part of our ongoing commitment to product innovation and growth in the UK, we are developing these new technologies, services and initiatives all the time. Our investments back into our network of franchise owners are designed to ‘add value’ to their businesses without costing them a penny extra. Other franchises in our sector just concentrate on specific areas of cleaning and make a full time business out of it. At Jani-King we want to offer those niche areas of cleaning within our package. Our new unique ‘Product Innovation Programme’ allows us to do that and also allows franchise owners with the right drive and initiative, to generate their own ‘extra work’ alongside our guaranteed turnover model and increase turnover and profits. We are very excited and positive about the future of our business despite the current economic climate." explains Jani-King Chairman Ian Thomas.

"Commercial cleaning is a recession-resilient industry, which makes this an excellent time to invest in a contract cleaning franchise.  Jani-King is a truly national and international business and serves some of the biggest brands in the UK retail, leisure and hospitality market. With a strong brand presence and our ‘Product Innovation Programme’ underway, we are confident and continuing to look for motivated franchise partners with a commercial background and a desire to build a £1million + business within a proven structure" Thomas expands.

"The Jani-King franchise has always been popular because it can be operated on very low overheads and is a cost-variable format. However, with the added value of our ‘Product Innovation Programme’ we are anticipating an exciting 2009. I encourage all motivated individuals and entrepreneurs to get in touch as we continue to be a leader in this industry” concludes Thomas“.