Jani-King offers flexible franchises to beat the recession

Jani-King has responded to the credit crunch by offering the option of a new and flexible franchise. Jani King’s European Chairman Ian Thomas, has stated that the plan behind this offering is to make it easier for their franchise owners to help them cross the magical £1 million turnover mark.

According to the guidelines set by this new flexible franchise system, Jani-King has positioned it towards an excellent opportunity for people to make profits even in the recession. This new franchise offering will enable people to meet the changing demands of today’s financial conditions with relative ease. It is also a golden opportunity for anyone to get into a high performance and continuously profit making franchise.

The level of guaranteed sales offered by this franchise will be directly proportional to your available investment. This offering by Jani-King can also prove to be extremely beneficial for individuals who already have a sales background. Jani-King is an international brand and can give anyone who chooses to open their franchise an instant push because of its developed brand identity.

With this flexible franchise, Jani-King has also become the first major franchisor in the UK to respond to the fluctuations in the global financial markets.