Jasper’s Catering Franchise Shortlisted For Best Franchisee Marketing Support At Franchise Marketing Awards 2012

Jasper’s is delighted to have been shortlisted for Best Franchisee Marketing Support at the Franchise Marketing Awards, with the winner to be announced at the British and International Franchise Exhibition at Olympia on Friday 16th March.

The Franchise Marketing Awards (FMA) recognise the most innovative and effective marketing campaigns in the industry. Six other franchise businesses have been shortlisted alongside Jasper’s for Best Franchisee Marketing Support including McDonalds, Chemex and the Creation Station.

Director of Jasper’s Catering Franchise, Nathan Siekierski, said: "We may not have the same marketing budget as some other franchises as we’re not a global giant, yet, but I’d happily back our approach and system against those of any other franchise, any day of the week.

“Our approach at Jasper’s is always based on two things: will what we are doing enable our franchisees’ businesses to grow? And will it enable them to grow at a profitable rate? We make sure that the data our franchisees use in their marketing campaigns is robust and up to date, so they are always targeting qualified leads. Then we empower them to undertake authentic, permission based marketing, where they have the confidence to verify that who they are talking to, want to be talked to.

“We recruit experts in their field to train our franchisees on key skills from being successful on the phone to psychologically having the right attitude to sales. We also listen to our franchise network and introduce their ideas, such as our ‘WOW’ fortnight of extraordinary events just for Jasper’s customers. Our franchisee in Coventry ran an Elvis concert for his customers with proceeds going to charity.”

It’s Jasper’s bespoke ‘Marketing and Sales Buddy’ that is the real weapon in Jasper’s marketing armoury, and this was the focus of the submission for the Best Franchisee Marketing Support award. Developed over two and a half years, the system enables franchisees to undertake targeted marketing to meet their growth targets.

Nathan said: “Jasper’s Marketing and Sales Buddy breaks down annual targets into tangible weekly activity. Franchisees undertake campaigns at their pace, are fully enlightened as to the cost of investment and the return on this investment per customer, the length of the campaign and what the campaign will add to their business overall in terms of turnover.

“Each week, they are emailed the next steps of the campaign and their daily planner is updated. They are given all the tools needed to deliver the campaign and each step is accompanied by a training video from the franchise team explaining what it’s for and how to do it.

“You hear ‘Return on Investment’ bandied about alot in marketing, but our system provides this down to the most granular level. It’s about enabling our franchisees to undertake their own sales and marketing in the most enlightened and empowered way with the minimum hassle for them.”

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