Jasper’s Catering Opens Its First London Franchise

With 12 franchises already, from Newcastle in the North to Brighton in the South, Jasper’s has extended its reach with its first London franchise. Jasper’s Croydon opened on 14th January, serving high quality buffet style catering to businesses in the area.

The franchise is owned by Croydon-born Chris Pook, who previously worked in the telecoms industry for 18 years. On recognising that there was a major downturn in the industry, Chris decided to seize control of his own destiny and take the leap into self employment.

Pook said: “I knew that the industry I was in was at risk and I couldn’t stay there any longer. I had already experienced two redundancies and there were potentially more to come. Being employed by a company does not provide the security it once did where as owning your own business allows you to take control, not answer to managers and Boards of directors, and set your own path to financial and personal growth and success.

“I looked at franchises from the start as I didn’t want the risks of starting out from scratch on my own – there is a much higher success rate with franchises than there is with independent businesses.

“I enjoy fitness and looked seriously into owning a gym franchise before realising that the model was vulnerable. In Jasper’s I found a franchise that provides the financial returns I am looking for providing I follow Jasper’s proven systems and processes.

“I was also very impressed by the openness and characters of the franchisors Nathan and Paul. They opened their first Jasper’s in Birmingham when they were in their early 20’s and after a decade in the business, have created a very robust and exciting franchise model in a market with limitless opportunity. Everybody needs to eat and Jasper’s core customer base of businesses provides a highly targeted, high value, repeat business market.”

Pook began his intensive training programme for his catering franchise at the start of November, focusing on sales and conversion training, which is at the heart of the Jasper’s franchise model. The systems and processes that are in place to attract and retain customers are highly sophisticated and backed up by Jasper’s unique Business Management System which has been developed specifically for the business over the past 10 years. Pook began his production training in the new year, ahead of his business opening in the middle of January.

Pook continued: “The training has been challenging – data gathering and making phonecalls to potential customers has been a really good learning experience as the business is very much about sales.

“My aim is to follow the Jasper’s systems and processes to reach the financial targets in my first three years, then look at developing into further London territories.”