Joining Autosheen proved to be the right move for Nathan Bacon

Nathan Bacon spent 5 years at his local authority, working on large environmental services contracts before joining Autosheen. However he felt undervalued, even though he worked long hours. Nathan decided to start his own business because he was frustrated with all the problems associated with the introduction of a new European legislation that impacted on his previous career.

He was drawn to valeting after a recommendation from a friend in a similar business. Nathan’s friend had lots of work and earned good income, but Nathan was looking for a franchise opportunity that offered the benefit of an existing business with ongoing support and security. Autosheen was the perfect opportunity, because Nathan had no previous experience in sales, so the opportunity to step right into a large national consumer base was very attractive to him, as was the ongoing strong support of the other franchisees and the company’s long standing brilliant track record.

Nathan made the right choice when joining Autosheen. He is free from the stress and frustration of contract management, and now works less hours and earns more. With Autosheen, his efforts have been rewarded and he now has lots of scope to grow and develop his business.