Journalists have the chance to experience free trial from TruGreen

If there is one reason that a number of UK’s homes have beautiful and well kept gardens it is because of the leading lawn care specialists, TruGreen. The company, which is also a franchise, is a combination of expert knowledge and excellent customer care which makes it unmatched in the industry.

Currently, the franchise company is searching for interested journalists with a view to evaluate their services after trying them on a complimentary basis. It could either be online, broadcast or print or perhaps even to provide comments that could be used for the sake of generating publicity.

The franchising company hopes to start this trial by early autumn this year, which is before grass can go into the inactive period. This would enable the lawn care technician in charge, the ability to create an attractive garden in time. Prior to the treatment, the TruGreen expert will carry out a preliminary consultation which will help determine the condition of the grass and soil.

Once that has been settled, the lawn care franchise company will agree to provide a complimentary lawn care package which will be tailored to suit the requirements and the media outlet. TruGreen is a franchise company which uses lawn care techniques and knowledge that has been certified by the NPTC to produce flourishing and rich gardens all over the UK.