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Video Transcript

Nick Turkington - Director, JumpingClay UK & Ireland
Hi, you're looking for a profitable business in a growing market sector. You seek a rewarding career with children. You want a business with minimal direct competition and multiple revenue streams. JumpingClay is the business for you.

We have a freelance instructor and a premises-based franchise to choose from, so there is something for you. My name is Nick Turkington and I'm the Director of JumpingClay UK & Ireland.

JumpingClay is an exciting, activity and educational franchise that delivers 3D clay workshops to anyone aged three and over. All of our activities incorporate our own unique air-drying clay product, called JumpingClay. It' produced in eight extremely bright colour that intermix just like that. It' 100% safe, non-toxic and it's scented with relaxing jasmine herb. A it's completely mess-free, it' loved by both teachers and parents alike. Finished creations are imply left overnight to dry. Once dry, they will last a life-time.

A part of the team, you will use the clay to deliver a range of entertaining and educational activities, while running a business with multiple revenue streams.

Rebekah Leeson - Independent Instructor
I really enjoy working with Jumping Clay; I find the product very versatile. I use it for after-school exercises, kids parties and seasonal workshops. I also enjoy using it with adult craft classes.

Nick Turkington
Since we began franchising back in 2003, we now have over 500 academies, with over 5,000 different instructors, helping inspire the imagination in 36 different countries around the world.

You'll join u either as a freelance instructor or open your own academy franchise within an exclusive territory.

Tanya Trimble - Franchisee Working with JumpingClay has allowed me to run a business in an area I really enjoy. The versatility of the clay has allowed me to build a business, not only by running my own activities, but by employing other to expand within my exclusive territory. Going forward, I would like to bring on a few more instructors, so we can bring JumpingClay activities to more and more venues.

Nick Turkington
We understand just how daunting it can be to set up and to run your own business. That' why we have a comprehensive training programme and a support package that will not only jump your business off the ground, but help it grow in the years to come.

Whether you decide to start running the activities as a freelance instructor or open your own JumpingClay academy, we'll be here to help every step of the way.

So, take your first jump in the right direction and click below to get your free clay. Happy modelling.

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