Justin Brookes, MBE franchisee becomes a member of the bfa board

The Oxford franchisee of Mail Boxes ETC (MBE), Justin Brookes has recently been appointed on the British franchise Association (bfa) Board of Directors. He will be a voting member and his role is to work with new and existing committees.

He will work in a newly formed Quality Standards Committee which looks after the quality standards of bfa. Director General of bfa, Brian Smart said that now is a very important time for the bfa and the franchise industry in the UK.

Justin and all his Board colleagues will play a major role in these developments. This new committee has a new structure which is formed by thousands of franchisees all around the UK.

Justin Brookes became a part of MBE at an exhibition. After three years, he opened his own centre in Oxford Summertown and then he started his second store at Headington. Justin is the 12th franchisee of MBE UK and he has already won the franchisee of the year award.

In addition to this, he was a representative on the franchise forum of the bfa and he has also received an “International Franchisee of the Year” from the President of MBE.