Kall Kwik centre sales grow from £350k to £630k

Kall Kwik is a husband and wife business partnership, which is run by Mark and Jemima McCluskey. It is an award-winning centre and in March 1995, it has acquired an existing Kall Kwik Centre in Edinburgh.

The couple had won the first prize as the franchisee of the year award in 2003. They have invested in the latest production techniques in order to expand their business.

The duo have moved up Kall Kwik’s national performance ranking from 120th to 7th place by increasing their sales from £350k to £630k in the first two years of the business and have added one million pounds to their turnover in eight years.

The two Kall Kwik customer-facing centres are in Edinburgh and Paisley. Mark and Jemima McCluskey own both the centres. The couple had invested in a new 3,500 sq. ft Central Production Unit two years ago.

The working environment has greatly improved with their business expansions. Their significant sales growth is due to their staff, which they consider their greatest assets.