Karen and Wendy are successful Molly Maid franchise owners

Molly Maid franchise owners, Karen Egan and Wendy Campagno were awarded the second runners up position in the Molly Maid Sales Growth Awards 2008. The two franchise owners are now on their way into another successful year of growth. They are looking to cross the £400,000 annual turnover mark this year.

Both Wendy and Karen channelled their energy into the marketing side of their business. The development of this helped them a lot. Karen and Wendy have also taken their Molly Maid franchise into a bigger space due to the increase in business.

Before they decided to open a Molly Maid franchise, both the sisters were self-employed. Karen was a shop owner and Wendy sold books. Both the sisters sold their businesses and were then looking at alternative business options. At this point they spotted an advertisement for Molly Maid. They immediately took to it and wanted to invest in a business which had a proven business model and a matching track record.

Both the sisters state that they knew about Molly Maid beforehand. They were also aware of the fact that it was an excellent quality domestic cleaning service provider. After this, they arranged a meeting with Pam Bader who is the CEO of Molly Maid and they have not looked back since.