Kathy Goddard, Merry Maids franchise owner talks about her experience

With 60 miles of daily travel to work, Kathy Goddard had an inadequate amount of time to spend with her family. Keen to improve her life/work balance, Kathy decided to become her own boss and invested in Merry Maids, the domestic cleaning franchise. Kathy said, before joining Merry Maids, she used to work with a plastic distributor as an administration manager. However, when they moved their house closer to her husband’s job, she struggled to find a similar position near her new home.

The only feasible alternative that did not entail taking any demotion or pay cuts was to start-up her own business. However, with no marketing or sales skill, she felt that investing in a franchise was the best way to go. At the National Franchise Exhibition, Kathy spotted Merry Maids and it appealed immediately. She was always very house-proud and so she liked the idea of running a business that can help others to keep them on top of their chores.

The fact that she can start up a business from her home and grow it at her own pace was very attractive. The management team at the Merry Maids stand, made an impact with their first impression, answered all her queries and did not push her to make any immediate decision. She launched her Merry Maids franchise that covered Leamington Spa and Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon in June 1998 and since then, she has never looked back. Her business continued to grow every year and presently operates with 30 staff members from two offices that look after their 300 clients.