Launch of Bosideng Franchise in the UK

Bosideng, which is one of the most famous menswear brands in China, is now planning to make its presence in the UK by launching a franchise. According to the plan, Bosideng will be launched in UK in October this year.

Already, Bosideng is being talked about in the UK, and it has made its presence felt in other big countries like US, Russia, Japan and Canada. It is expected to do well in the UK, as with other countries. Bosideng is based in Changshu, China. Currently, it has more then 4,000 stores all over China. The income from the retail sales of Bosideng was almost 680 Million Yuan in the previous year and is expected to increase as the franchises are being spread all over the world.

With the intention of expanding business in the UK, Bosideng has joined hands with UK based company Greenwoods, which has a franchise in the UK for business and leisure wear for men. The exact location for the launch of the Bosideng franchise in the UK has not been specified yet. If everything goes well, Bosideng plans to open 100 more stores in the UK as a part of its expansion plan after the initial launch.