Leaps and Bounds franchisee launch

The launch of the first Leaps and Bounds Mobile Play programme franchise in nurseries across the Staffordshire region was done by the former athlete Keri Lees with help from another Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell OBE.

It is a play programme spread over a period of two years in which the children are taught physical development, specifically to stay agile. This programme has been developed by Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd. under the supervision of Patricia Maude MBE, who is a lecturer of physical education with Homerton College at Cambridge University.

The programme is gaining immense popularity. The children, who are a part of this programme, are actively involved in physical activities. These days when people have a very hectic lifestyle and children are facing obesity problems, this course comes as a welcome relief.

If children become physically active at an early age, they tend to be involved in physical activities during the growing years as well and thus, stay fit. This programme is a unique way in which the parents are given an objective card, which keeps them updated about their child’s development skills.