Learning with ComputerXplorers

Throughout Sussex, ComputerXplorers has started ICT classes for age groups 3 to 13 years. The class system was started by ComputerXplorers franchisee Mark Bullen from Sussex.

Expertise at an early age improves children’s competence and confidence and provides them with an excellent start to their learning. ComputerXplorers runs classes that are motivating and are specially designed to improve the learning potential of children of different abilities and ages. These classes are held in pre-school settings, nurseries, primary schools, summer camps and school clubs.

Mark said that his 11 year old daughter, Grace has already started. She looks at the course matter and attempts using different software which is a great way to learn.

Learning to use a computer and different software is an important ability to help children all through their education and even into the workplace. ComputerXplorers classes enable this learning process with their teaching.

ComputerXplorers provide teachers, materials and equipment so there is nothing for the nurseries and schools to do other than provide the children and the room. ComputerXplorers is a great help to schools throughout the country to meet their syllabus need for ICT. They are hoping that ComputerXplorers will be a big success in Sussex.