Take Advantage Of A Thriving Lettings Industry With A Legal 4 Landlords Franchise

Some of the biggest and most successful businesses are run as franchises - McDonald's, for example - and there is a good reason why. Franchisees, in return for a monthly charge, get the benefit of working within an existing brand. There is a start-up fee, but this is much lower than if you were looking to start up a similar business alone, without any established brand-backing. It is often easier to get any financial backing for the franchise, because Legal 4 Landlords is an established, and successful, business model with many profitable franchisees.

For the franchisees of Legal 4 Landlords, who can buy into the company on a regional basis, an added benefit is the strong reputation of the company, and that practically every letting agent in the UK has either worked with or heard of Legal 4 Landlords.

Private Rental Sector Growth

However, there is another reason why it is prudent to be a Legal 4 Landlord franchisee. The private rental sector market is growing at a phenomenal rate; HMRC estimated in 2012 that there was at least 1.9 million private landlords in the UK, although they reckoned the real figure could be much higher. In recent years the private rental sector has grown by 15 percent, a trend that look set to continue.

Take Advantage of Relatively Less Competition

Legal 4 Landlords provide their franchisees with letting agents, which means that there is no direct competition. These agents therefore provide business for the franchisee, in the sense of there being a ready-made opportunity to work with these agents. This is a long-term relationship, which means that as the letting agent grows, and its business increases, there is more work for the franchisee. Increased demand for rental properties, and this long-term relationship, means that there is a real opportunity for a business that continually grows.

Legal 4 Landlords not only have a great reputation, but also offer a comprehensive range of services. This includes referencing services, insurances and evictions- as the extent of private renting grows, then it means that there is demand for these services.

In order to make the most of this opportunity, Legal 4 Landlords offers comprehensive training to all franchisees. The ten-day training course, which finishes with a shadowing day at Head Office, is designed to help all franchisees understand the product, and how to work with customers to ensure excellent customer service. Legal 4 Landlords have an excellent national record in all the services that are offered; this means that, for franchisees, everything possible will be done to help you achieve excellence.

Working with Legal 4 Landlords provides a great opportunity to work with a well-established company in a thriving industry. There is little doubt that, working with an established company in a growing industry.

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