Why Life Is Too Short To Work For Someone Else –
Take A Look At Franchising

Today’s offices are breeding grounds for procrastination. As white-collared workers across the UK stare aimlessly out of the window hoping for that pivotal intervention that would change their lives permanently – the brave go out and make it happen. We take a look at why changing your life through franchising is, for many, the decision of a lifetime.

The title of this article may sound to some like existentialist waffle, but it is undeniable that a sense of adventure fuels us all on some level. Yet so many of us have become contented by our surroundings – often an artificial office cubicle walled-in by hundreds of others.

When looking for inspiration, Thomas Cook CEO Harriet Green, is a good place to start. Harriet attained her position in a failing company in 2012 after cold-calling the previous Chairman, telling him “You Need Me”. Prior to her appointment at Thomas Cook, she was CEO of Premier Farnell – she famously vowed to meet 85 per cent of the 5,000-strong workforce within six weeks immediately after her appointment.

Harriet has turned Thomas Cook around and the business is making profits once again. She actively encourages businesswomen, in particular, to be fearless and forge their own path in business – a phrase that resonates with the stifled.

Fear fuels procrastination. The monetary system is not one an individual can simply opt out of – meaning that we are effectively enslaved by it – taking the plunge without the assurance of a regular income is a risky move for anyone in any situation.

Franchising offers a halfway house for the financial adventurer. It is a secure method of becoming your own boss. As a franchisee, you can expect independence in your work schedule and lifestyle as well as the support of the franchisor when things get tough.

The number of franchisees across the industry who were tempted to make the switch to franchising because of independence and improved work/life balance is huge. Franchises allow practical people to work for themselves without fear of bankruptcy or financial troubles – it may just be the best decision you ever made.