LIPA looking for franchisees

If you always wanted to be a part of the performing arts but were dissuaded due to a lack of money, do not fret, for now you can earn and at the same time follow your passion. LIPA 4:19, or the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, is now looking to franchising as a means to expand. LIPA helps young enthusiastic children to channel their energies to productive activities and hobbies like acting, dancing etc. With almost 12 million individuals under the age of 19, there is tremendous scope to have a profitable business in this field.

LIPA, which was established in 2003, has already been rated the top UK University for Dance and Drama and with Sir Paul McCartney as its lead patron, LIPA is bound to grow.

With its entry into franchising, LIPA is offering franchisees the chance to be the principal of their own small academies. If you have a teaching qualification, then you can start teaching yourself or adopt a managerial role. With such potential and the backing of a reputed and experienced franchisor, success is evident. New franchisees have to undergo a training course that covers all the areas that would be required, like the marketplace, the teaching style to be adopted, curriculum and the course. With the back up of an experienced franchisor and ready support and advice, your business is sure to grow in leaps and bounds.