Property Care And Maintenance Franchises

Are you searching for a business within the property maintenance sector? With a range of investment levels that offer hands-on to management opportunities, there is a property care franchise out there to suit all skills, budgets and ambitions.

With the UK property market falling under tough times, people are tightening their purse strings and, rather than investing in new homes, are choosing to stay in their current home and make improvements. Franchised businesses in this industry are therefore profiting.

Utilising new treatments and technologies, or simply providing a standardised level of customer service under a national brand, property care and maintenance franchises train the franchisee to supply an in-demand product or service in a popular industry.

For prospective franchisees, this sector offers the benefit of established systems along with easier access to equipment and resources. With a property care franchise, it allows franchisees to take advantage of the franchisors strong brand recognition, which – due to ‘cowboy’ tradesmen that have tarnished the industry – customers find very reassuring and value.

Franchises range from relatively inexpensive start-ups that would be perfect for the first time franchisee to more expensive investment opportunities that would be better suited to someone with more extensive business and construction experience.

Property maintenance franchises include plumbing franchises, home improvement franchises, home maintenance franchises, property restoration franchises, locksmiths, 'handyman' franchise opportunities, electrical franchise opportunities, property insurance franchises, drain cleaning, building maintenance franchises, decorating, landscaping, remodelling, renovation and project management. Many of these business opportunities will be van-based franchises and/or home-based and are ideal for those who are good with their hands and want to turn a hobby into a job.

Property maintenance franchises can also be an excellent addition to an existing business. Many opportunities, such a lawn care and festive decorators, work around seasonal schedules – freeing up a lot of their time during the off-season months.

Whichever route you decide to choose as your pathway into a property care and maintenance franchise, always make sure you complete thorough research to make the best decision for you.