Local Bookkeeper introduces Discovery Days for franchise opportunities

The Local Bookkeeper (TLBK) has announced the introduction of Discovery Days for finance and accountancy professionals. These will be used to give information about franchise opportunities for starting their own business.

In response to the demands of franchise companies, TLBK is organising ‘Discovery Days’ at their offices in West Sussex and Gatwick.

The initiative will allow qualified and experienced professionals to explore franchise opportunities and allow them to explore the idea of fulfilling aspirations of becoming their own boss.

TLBK has been holding one-to-one sessions with prospective franchisees, but it only led to a long list of people waiting for a meeting. It has now established that by allowing a larger group of around 20 professionals to participate in ‘Discovery Days’ both participants and the organisers will benefit in a bigger way. Participants will be given a choice to attend one-to-one sessions in the later part of the day after attending joint session. They will benefit hugely from both sessions.

The ‘Discovery Day’ schedule will include a seminar on overview of concept, values and packages of franchise, followed by talks from franchise solicitors, representatives of the British Franchise Association and affiliated banks on how they can help prospective franchisees on legal and funding aspects.

Professionals will also have the choice to attend afternoon sessions for technical and personal assessments by two of the management teams at TLBK. In this one-to-one session, participants will be able to discuss franchise ideas in more detail.

The first ‘Discovery Day’ will be held on July 8 and every month thereafter. No commitment will be sought during sessions from both the participant and franchisor. Those interested in attending the day to discover more about TLBK’s franchise opportunity, can fill up the form at: www.bookkeepingfranchise.co.uk/franchiseAppForm.asp.

After online submission of the form, the TLBK team will be in touch with further details.