Low Cost Franchising: 3 Franchises Under £10,000

When looking through the catalogue of franchise opportunities available throughout the UK, six-figure investment figures can be a little daunting. Here, we shine a spotlight on three franchise opportunities that require an investment of less than £10,000.

1 - Look Local

Look Local is a unique publishing franchise that sets out to make a difference within a community. Look Local franchise owners are required to recruit local businesses to pay for advertisement in their community business directory, which they then create using the advanced software that comes with each Look Local franchise package.

With an investment level of just under £6,000 and near-limitless potential for earning, depending on your own ability to sell advertising space, a Look Local publishing business is an opportunity to unite businesses in your area and take a substantial wage yourself.

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2 - Hire a Band

The brand that sees franchise owners link parties, weddings and events with suitable bands and performers is an intriguing opportunity in UK franchising. The UK event industry is continually growing and is estimated to be worth well over £1 billion. Hire a Band franchise owners are required to adopt the philosophy of the entertainment experts, recruiting high-quality performers only.

This franchise opportunity requires an investment of just £9,995 and, for your money; you will receive comprehensive training, an operations manual, central lead generation and much more.

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3 -Dolly Char

Dolly Char franchise opportunity is an unforgettable franchise, both nominally and in terms of operation. The company is an introductory cleaning franchise that offers franchise owners the chance to earn as much as they choose in a management role. The package includes in-depth training, the opportunity to work solely from home in the growing domestic cleaning market sector and far more besides.

The initial capital required is less than £8,000 with a typically rapid return on investment. Each opportunity gives investors the chance to earn £70,000 and above or test their entrepreneurial skills by taking it a little easier – the choice really is yours.

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