Make a Prokilling

What would you do to be associated with one of the nation’s biggest brands?

Prokill is offering you the opportunity to become an active participant in the Prokill dream and a part of the Prokill success story.

Prokill has grown at an amazing rate and the name is so well known and trusted, nationally as well as regionally, that customers are urging them to become national quicker, so that they can be associated with Prokill wherever they want to trade.

Here are the costs of Prokill franchises:

1) Existing exclusive and major area - one hundredth of the country’s total properties at an all costs included £60k.

2) The all new-Prokill “satellite’ territory. Inclusive of all costs but with an additional option to upgrade to Master territory after a period of 6 months, approximately half the size and an approximate £30k.

Hesitation is something all of us have to conquer when we plan a new business for financial. However, if you are thinking of starting your own business and want minimum risk, Prokill offers you an excellent opportunity to combat the economic slump and financial uncertainty.

The partnership works symbiotically for your business gets underway immediately and Prokill can increase their services throughout the country.