Many of Driver Hire’s managers are investing in a franchise

Driver Hire, a logistics and transport recruitment specialist company, has announced that four members of their management team have made the shift from being an employee to franchisee in the last year. Richard Pugh from Essex, formerly the South East's Regional Manager, is aiming to reach £500,000 in his first year of turnover. Before joining Driver Hire in 2002, Richard Pugh worked for Amtrak where he gained sales experience, which helped him a great deal. In the year 2007 he decided that he would invest himself after seeing the success of franchisees in this field.

Driver Hire approached him for running a franchise in East London. He liked the idea because he could combine his Driver Hire sales knowledge with his franchise business.

John Warren, the Head of Franchise Recruitment of driver hire, said that Driver Hire is proud of the fact that many of their employees are investing in a franchise. It helps them and the company as well in meeting growth targets. This indeed is a noteworthy franchise success that has come from within!