Margaret Crinks shares her experience with the Chemex franchise

After giving birth to their daughter, Stephen and Margaret Crinks decided to start their own business so as to make sure that they spend some quality time jointly as a family. Following two years of thorough study, the couple found their perfect franchise – cleaning and hygiene product supplier, Chemex. In 17 years, the couple succeeded to build a successful business with around 250 repeat clients.

Margaret said that when she found out she was pregnant, she and her husband Stephen decided to change their profession and build a family-friendly business. That way, they would have total control over their working hours and would ultimately be able to run their business well while taking proper care of their daughter. She said, neither of them had any prior experience of running their own business. While she used to work as a personal assistant, Stephen was in hotel management field and so they decided to opt for franchising.

The thought of getting ongoing training support, the backing of an extensive support network and the use of an established business model was extremely appealing to her. Margaret said, for them franchising appeared to be the safest way for starting their business as they would need to entirely depend on their own.

She also added that they were astonished to see the number of franchises that were available. However, Chemex stood out with its unique business model involving replenishing vital hygiene and cleaning products while building repeated customer base, which is specially designed to withstand recession. Looking at these benefits, Margaret and Stephen decided to opt for Chemex franchise.