Master Franchises in the UK

Master franchises have become the most popular franchise business across the world. Such a business offers a range of opportunities promising a proven system in another country, which has not reached the UK as yet. As a franchisee, you are offered a unique opportunity to bring in the system whilst analysing the risks involved in conjunction with its benefits.

There are additional options available when you can buy a master franchise and make it a sub-franchising business, such as you in turn become the franchisor in the new target market. In this way, you are required to run two separate franchise businesses; the first, the core business (master franchise) and secondly, the franchise business (sub-franchising). Both businesses require different skill sets and disciplines, which usually requires the formation of separate companies.

Before you start hunting for the right master franchise business to introduce to the UK, make sure you are aware of the type of franchise business you are seeking that matches your investment budget, your experience and your goals. Any deal which does not give you a clear understanding of the business or a lack of information, should be avoided.