Match Options Implements Innovative IT System

Match Options has completed and implemented an innovative and tailor-made IT system with an online data management system for use by the branches and franchisees.

This system is a result of the company’s experience in the social and care sector, which is highly regulated.

“we incorporated all issues to do with legislative and regulatory compliance that are of interest not only to CQC but also for a quality service delivery to our clients.This system covers all areas of operations as can be seen by our impressive latest CQC inspection report. We are also happy that we have the internal capabilities to continue improving the system as and when required,” said Gabriel Rwamba, Managing Director of Match Options.

Franchisees can also get, at the click of a button, important data within a selected area. They can also know the distance of their workers to that of where they are being sent for work. The system also help to 'alert' office workers when certain mandatory training and documents are expiring or due for renewal or refreshing.

This system also allows authorised sharing of data between branches and franchisees. The company recognises that workers are mobile and hence reduces the need for a re-registration when one moves from one locality to another. It also means that this Human Resource can be shared when one branch/franchisee need support for a quick cover of staff bookings.

The system is also interfaced to territorial mapping facilities that allows for base geography, which act as the building blocks for territories and demographics, which provide an indication of the target market and therefore the commercial opportunity.

Important documentation and updates from the head office can also be accessed and downloaded by the branches and franchisees, wherever they are. This ensures that service delivery at Match Options is available on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.