McDonald’s franchisee makes history

Cos Constatinou has become the first McDonald’s franchisee in the company’s history to sign a second 20-year Franchise Agreement. Constatinou says that he had full belief in the success of McDonald’s when it was first introduced in UK. He liked their unique concept and the quality of their products along with the strong brand image that the company had.

Constatinou sold his Wimpy franchise and ran sports shops whilst waiting for McDonald’s to introduce their initial franchisee recruitment drive. Since he had a long history of experience in the retail and hospitality industry, Constatinou was confident of his potential as McDonald’s franchisee.

McDonald’s has a strict recruitment process that challenged its prospective franchisees in terms of their qualities and capabilities. Every prospective franchisee had to undergo a training programme, where they had to work in existing McDonald’s restaurants to give them a chance to better understand the operational knowledge of the business.

Constatinou now has a chain of five McDonald’s restaurants that run successfully, all giving its customers excellent service. According to him, McDonald’s never refrains from providing him with support whenever needed, be it regarding finance or customer service. Though you are your own boss in this business, you can just call and ask for guidance whenever needed. This aspect of the business makes it appeal to many people.