McDonald’s jump starts its apprenticeship program

The UK boss of the McDonald’s chain of restaurants, Steve Easterbrook, had jumpstarted Britain’s biggest and most ambitious apprenticeship program this year but due to the workings of the expenses scandal, will see his program affected. Easterbrook believes that stability is the primary concern of all businesses today but believes that there is no guarantee as to how things will look in twelve to twenty four months. Easterbrook looks forward to continuing with no financial hurdles.

Last week, McDonald’s hired Lord Hunt of Wirral to take on the responsibility of chairman of the company set up to go through with the apprenticeship program. McDonald’s has committed to serve 6,000 of its 71,000 strong staff with apprenticeship programs in 2009. The fast food chain will make the number 10,000 by next year. The latest sub division of the apprenticeship program is the setting up of the McDonald’s Education Company.

Although there is no news confirming the change in plans of McDonalds, Steve Easterbrook is concerned, citing figures show that seven million British adults lack basic numeric skills while five million lack basic literary skills.