McDonald’s ropes in VCCP to get the job done

McDonald’s, one of the most famous fast food chains in the world is going through a host of changes this month with respect to advertising, marketing and strategy. McDonald’s has brought VCCP to the helm in order to handle its recruitment advertising account and brand account. This appointment comes very close to McDonald’s overall transformation in terms of advertising and marketing.

The appointment of VCCP will be followed by a three month process which will be handled by UK based Oystercatchers. This is part of a strategic plan to reassess McDonald’s employer brand tasks. One of the chief reasons to do so is to change the direction in which McDonald’s is handling its employer brand work.

This appointment is the first time McDonald’s has moved away from hiring a traditional recruitment advertising agency. Some of the new catch phrases include “Not Bad for a McJob” and “My McJob”. These phrases will be used to improve the fast food chains standing in the market rather than only focusing on recruitment. Sources say that McDonald’s gets over 2,500 new applications per day and employs 150 new entrants on an average everyday. With VCCP at the helm, Leo Burnett’s relationship with McDonald’s will definitely be affected.