McDonald’s UK franchise set to expand

More than 250 restaurants recruiting 4,000 employees will be created by fast food firm McDonald’s in the West Midlands in response to sustained growth across the UK. According to the company, as compared to last year they are serving an extra two million customers a month. They say that My McJob campaign has many job opportunities and career benefits at McDonald’s.

Abdul Sirkhot is a local franchisee who owns eleven restaurants in the West Midlands. He said that it is great to create new jobs for the local communities that McDonald’s serves. He added that 150 people will be recruited by his business.

They have been changing menus and modernising the restaurant program over the last couple of years as customers are responding to the new changes. Outstanding customer service must be delivered to maintain momentum in the business.

According to the senior vice-president, Chief People Officer, McDonald’s UK & Northern Europe, David Fairhurst, they have received considerable support from business leaders, customers and employees over the past two years.

It is right to take another step forward as this campaign is a very important goal in the development of McDonald’s recruitment advertising.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most successful franchise businesses with operations across several countries. It is worth noting that McDonald’s is thinking of expansion and recruiting new people even in a bleak economic scenario worldwide.