McDonalds extends a franchisee contract for another twenty years

Cos Constantinou has been a McDonald’s franchisee for more than twenty years now and also happens to be one of the first few who has extended the contract for another twenty years. From the very beginning, when McDonalds first came to Britain, Cos was very impressed with the standards and systems they offered. What drove him to become a McDonald’s franchisee was he saw them as a people oriented company. He also felt they were cleaner and more organised than most other food places.

Constantinou feels that McDonalds is extremely professional in managing people and bringing out the best in them and in the business. He also states that they help readily whenever required and go to great lengths to improve their system. The company puts the interests of their customers first and this helps the increase of sales. The redecoration makes it a more café styled and relaxed environment and choice of new products has added to the increased sales. Customers love the new look and it keeps them coming back for more.

To date, he has trained about 250 people and feels great about the fact that they have opportunities to progress. He is very encouraging of others becoming a McDonald’s franchisee as he feels confident of the opportunities it offers. He has even recommended one of his sons to make this move. He already has four successful franchises in London, in the Lewisham area.