Mercedes teams up with Signs Express for promotion of eco start vans

Signs Express and Mercedes Benz have got together to advertise environmentally friendly vans. Signs Express, a signs and graphics franchise, has been assisting Mercedes Benz in advertising their new line of environmental vans.

Grimsby based Signs Express has been enrolled by Mercedes to manufacture vehicle graphics for 57 of the new Sprinter environmental start vans. The eco-start vans play a vital role in reducing fuel costs and also reduce the impact on the atmosphere by just cutting the vehicles engine while at a standstill. The eco-start van is all set and only needed graphics applied to deliver it to each and every Mercedes van dealer across the country.

Sales and marketing manager at Mercedes Benz Vans, John Reed, said that they are very pleased and happy to work with Sign Express. They had a positive experience working with Signs Express as they were very flexible, responsive and provided regular feedback on how the work was being carried out. Signs Express always found some way or another to make things happen even when presented with last minute challenges. They constantly worked hard to fulfil all the needs of Mercedes. John Reed added that the Signs Express network is the epitome of the ‘can do’ attitude.