Millionaire with Drain Doctor

David Spurrier dreamed of buying certain things but was not capable when working shifts for 14 years. The application of a proven franchise formula has helped him to post a seven-figure turnover. Now he owns a million pound business. David was impressed with Drain Doctor management and trusted them. They proved this right before too long. David was only supposed to work and build the business while Drain Doctor performed their task.

David was a policeman and served for 14 years, but owning a franchise has totally changed his life. Currently he is looking to purchase property overseas.

The support, training provided, brand recognition and interest in being his own boss attracted David to the idea of investing in a franchise. David was in search of a business that was recession proof and wanted to take on working with the public. His search ended with Drain Doctor and he liked the offer after meeting the head office team. He invested in Drain Doctor from his savings and by taking a loan from HSBC bank. The rest is history.