Mobile web ordering launched by Papa John’s

Papa John’s has recently announced the launch of a mobile web ordering system. This particular system will enable the customers of Papa John’s to create an account and place an order with the help of their mobile phones. According to the information provided by the company, the mobile website has been designed in such a way that it can be used on any web enabled phone. The system also features the entire range of Papa John’s special offers, menu, account registration and a restaurant locator as well.

According to the vice president of marketing communications at Papa John’s, Jim Ensign, the company has launched this system for the benefit and convenience of its customers. Papa John’s is also seeking new opportunities so as to meet the varied needs of the customer. This is just an additional step to provide customers the convenience and making the whole process much easier. The customers can easily place orders for their favourite pizzas by simply using their web enabled phones.

Papa John’s is the world’s third largest pizza company. It is headquartered in Louisville at Kentucky. There are around 3200 franchisees operating under this company. Papa John’s sells pizzas in twenty nine countries. Papa John’s is still expanding and will be providing pizzas in other countries as well.