Molly Maid franchise owner quite happy with their achievement

26-year-old Suzanne Barker who runs her own Molly Maid franchise is now able to enjoy numerous foreign holidays along with business partner and boyfriend Glenn Chandler. In this year alone, the couple have already visited Dubai and Las Vegas because of their Molly Maid earnings.

Suzanne said they took over the Billericay and Hornchurch-based Molly Maid franchise in October 2007 when she was just 24. The business had been under operation for the past twenty years with a well established client base, along with seven cars on road and an experienced team of staff; so it was very easy for them to generate income straight away.

Initially, before joining Molly Maid franchise, Suzanne used to run a gift shop which she sold to purchase a new business which offered extra potential in terms of revenue and size. Suzanne had seen the Molly Maid branded cars for many years in her area; she accepted the brand and liked the basic idea of a domestic cleaning franchise along with their ongoing training and support.

After meeting the former franchise owner, Glenn and Suzanne contacted other franchise owners to get obtain an overall picture of what it is like to run a Molly Maid franchise and the overall feedback that they received was impressive.