MOLLY MAID owners do their part for local community

MOLLY MAID, founded in 1978 has been one of the world’s largest domestic cleaning franchises. Being in business for more than 20 years, MOLLY MAID has a valued brand name associated with quality.

MOLLY MAID franchise owners Denise Walker and Lorna James said that before they became owners of the franchise they worked together for 15 years in an out-of-hours doctor’s surgery. They also added that as they were both made redundant at the same time, they decided to go into business together.

They said that they invested in the MOLLY MAID franchise due to the reputation of the brand. The brand not only had quality, but also provided the support they were looking for. They added that CEO of MOLLY MAID, Pam Bader, assured them, helping them gain confidence in the brand while showing them what exactly they were getting into.

The owners of the MOLLY MAID franchise have managed to build up a successful business with a turnover of £28,000 plus. The business has not only helped them improve their quality of life, but has also enabled them to make jobs and security available for others in their area. With a MOLLY MAID franchise, they are able to provide jobs to people and make a difference to their community.