Molly Maid to sweep money under your carpet

Success stories are hard to come by and in these times of recession, such success stories are increasingly rare. However, those that do come up are often those of franchisees. Recession has made a lot of people redundant and these people are increasingly looking towards franchising as a way to invest their savings as franchising provides a sense of security. Along with having a business of you own, a sense of security is felt through the fact that there is an experienced franchisor backing you.

One such success story is of Denise Walker and Lorna James. Prior to having a Molly Maid franchise of their own, Denise and Lorna worked together for 15 years in a doctor’s surgery. After they were both made redundant at the same time, Denise and Lorna decided to go into business together and the business that they chose was the Molly Maid franchise.

According to them, the main reason they preferred Molly Maid over others was that
Molly Maid had a reputation and the support that they were looking for in a franchise. They do not regret their choice because over the years they have managed to build up a successful business that has a turnover of £280,000 plus. Along with the opportunity to earn and the security, Molly Maid has also provided them with the ability to provide jobs and security for others like them who were unceremoniously made redundant.