Mortgage Force offers opportunity to build a business.

The Mortgage Force Franchise has always provided its clients with reliable advice related to the mortgage market, buildings and banks. Since the company launched in 2000 they have experienced a growth in sales as well as franchisees. The company is now offering individuals a chance to start up a business of their own in association with West Bromwich Building Society. Franchisees can also sell protection products and insurance. The business can be run from anywhere.

The company’s network has grown considerably and this year it has been named winner in two different categories, Firm of the Year and Best Mortgage Broker. The company has started ‘Academy Franchise’, an investment opportunity for potential franchisees. The programme includes training for development, support and guidance from the head office, which helps in running the business.

Kevin Akers, a Harrow based franchisee, has been associated with the Mortgage Force franchise for 3 years now. Akers says that the company is supportive in its outlook. The company has continued to show strong growth and increasing customer numbers.

Another franchisee, Stuart Bryce claims that joining the company was the best move he made. The company supports and helps him run his business and he feels great to be working for himself, although he is not working alone. For Stuart, he is the one handling his destiny and it is one of the best things he has experienced.