Motorkwik is Travelling at the Speed of Sound Investment

As one of the UK’s premium motoring franchise operators, Motorkwik is pleased to announce its continued expansion throughout the motoring industry.

Testament to this is the seventeen franchise territories that have been sold by Motorkwik in just three months. This success means that Motorkwik is now benefiting from high levels of exposure in key parts of the country, through its growing network of franchisees.

The world of motoring has changed for both consumers and businesses. Here, as in all industries, the internet has become king with users demanding an online experience that is both instantaneous and information rich. The best way to provide this is through one site.

This is why Motorkwik has quickly become a leading contender in the online motoring market, offering not just free access to the most varied range of products and services available, but business marketing solutions that have been developed and designed specifically for the new digital era.

Online advertising is the only advertising medium experiencing growth. In 2009 online overtook television advertising in terms of revenue for the first time. The market for online advertising sales to the motoring industry is booming and Motorkwik is looking for professionals to partner in developing this growth.

If you are looking for a low-cost, fast-growing franchise that really delivers, click here for more information.