Multiflight Sign Up For Electricity From 100% Renewable Sources With Auditel’s Help

Multiflight’s desire to be as green as possible has seen the company sign up for an electricity supply from 100% renewable sources.

“Multiflight is always looking at ways to be as green as possible and to do its bit for the environment and our new green electricity supply is the latest step towards this aim,” says Multiflight’s Finance Director, Miles Beecham, who was responsible for the change.

Multiflight’s electricity supply was up for renewal on November 1st, 2011, and Miles consulted with cost management services company Auditel to find the best green energy supply. Multiflight has been working with Auditel since 2002.

Auditel Consultant Phil Wilkes says: "We are delighted that we were able to find a supply which delivers electricity from 100% renewable sources at a competitive cost for Multiflight. Green energy typically costs more to generate but it will represent a higher proportion of the UK's overall energy production in the future, and it is great that Multiflight is doing its bit for the environment.”

Multiflight’s new green electricity supply comes from SmartestEnergy, a UK licensed business electricity supplier specialising in energy from renewable sources. “Multiflight is constantly looking at ways to do its bit for the environment and this move of electricity supplier demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our environmental policy,” says Miles.

“Auditel provides us with excellent cost management services and when we said we wanted a green energy supply they identified an option that not only provided a supply from 100% renewable energy sources, but delivered that with no cost premium compared to ‘brown’ energy.”