Music Bugs provides a family friendly opportunity

Music Bugs provide the opportunity to parents so that they can work the hours they want without having to worry about finding child care in the summer holidays.

Claire Bennett, the founder of Music Bugs, says that the main attraction of a home based franchise opportunity like Music Bugs is that parents have the opportunity to choose working hours to suit them. Music Bugs receives dozen of enquires every week from women, especially mums that are looking for achieving better balance at their home and working lives. He also added that the firms and businesses are simply not doing enough for providing working parents the flexibility that they need for balancing their work and family life.

Music Bugs identified the growing trend of mums who have decided to do things themselves. Enterprise Nation, a home business website made a report in which it stated that more than 60% of new businesses have started from home. It means 1,400 new businesses every week and mothers are leading the way because as they want to re-adjust their work and life balance.

Music Bugs was established in 2006 and offers a range of interactive music sessions based on play for children aged between 6 months to 4 years.