My Destination's Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List Winners Announced

My Destination's Biggest, Baddest Bucket List winners announced On January 28 2013, My Destination launched a competition with a single mission in mind - to find the next world travel reporter extraordinaire. Aside from winning a life-changing, all-expenses paid, six-month round the world trip based around their own bucket list, the lucky candidate would also be acting as an ambassador and correspondent for My Destination, producing weekly travel videos on YouTube and publishing insightful information and exciting stories about each destination they visited.

After an action packed week, which saw the top 10 entrants travelling to the UK to face a range of mettle testing experiences in London, York and Bristol, we are pleased to be able to announce that our Biggest Baddest Bucket List winners are… Alex and Marko Ayling, from San Diego, California.

Over the course of the nine-week entry period, we received an incredible 1,251 submissions from over 640 destinations and more than 110 different countries around the world. Entry submissions (consisting of a blog post, photographs and an original three minute video by the entrant in which they share their local insights and tips for their destination) received nearly 1,000,000 unique views, representing an incredible amount of up to 32,500 hours of video that has captivated people across the entire planet.

Alex and Marko proved throughout that they have not only the passion and drive but also the skills and personality required to be our travelling brand ambassadors. This dynamic duo are wildly energetic and ambitious. They create compelling content that is guaranteed to excite, inspire and entertain.

“The best part about this amazing contest from My Destination is it has allowed us to dream, to expand the normal realm of possibility into something so much bigger,” said Marko.

Alex and Marko will now work alongside the My Destination team to draw up their ultimate six month around the world itinerary, which will kick off in July.

From all of us at My Destination HQ, we would like to say a big thanks to everyone that entered, supported or followed the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List as it would not have been such an amazing project without all of you!