National Accounts ‘valeted’ by Autosheen

Fleet valeting has always been an untapped business and service provider Autosheen has decided to expand its already attractive stock of big national accounts by announcing a new series of impressive business gains over the months. Autosheen has now acquired a large construction group, Galliford Try and Bailey Leasing, to add to their impressive national account customer base.

Autosheen is currently negotiating a national roll out which is worth approximately £1.3 million and has also successfully conducted trials with a top company in the UK. According to Tim Harris, franchise manager, the strategy adopted by Autosheen is to generate regular and profitable work for its franchisees by securing key national accounts. An excellent example as stated by Tim, is the example of Galliford Try, which has a massive fleet of 1,200 vehicles and 11 depots spread over the nation. These vehicles require special waterless valeting which is provided Autosheen with the help of its fast growing national account base.

Autosheen is the UK’s most established and trusted valeting franchise. The fact that its franchises have a regular income right from day one, with excellent support being provided by the franchisor as well as a premium product range, means Autosheen stands a class apart.

With the recent gain of major contracts which include BSkyB, Virgin Media, National Rail and seven of the biggest leasing companies, it means that Autosheen is looking to expand its franchises.