National award won by a pizza entrepreneur

Lisa Tobias is one of the most successful female franchisees for Domino’s pizza in the UK. She is the owner of four stores in England. This week she was rewarded in a nationwide competition for her outstanding achievements in the catering and hospital industry.

Lisa is an ex gymnast and now she is totally involved into the hospitality industry. She is aged around twenty seven years but is very sincere and dedicated towards her work. She has won awards earlier as well.

Lisa has won this award for passion and devotion to her work. She has been successful in promoting the benefits of working in this industry. Other entrepreneurs have learnt a lot from her. Lisa is experiencing tremendous success in her career and currently handles a business with 120 employees and a turnover of around £2million. At a very young age, Lisa has earned a lot of respect and admiration for herself.

With the tremendous success at Dominos, Lisa has established herself as an able businesswoman. Her Dominos outlets are consistently delivering and are among the top performers in the UK. She maintains high standards and sales at the same time. Lisa is now a role model for the entire group of young businesswomen.