Netstationers is looking for you

Franchising is being looked at as the best way to have a business of your own in these bleak economic times. With a franchise, you get the support of the franchisor and a network of like-minded individuals who have franchisees of their own. With such support, mistakes are avoided and that is the main reason why franchisees have such a low failure rate. This is why banks prefer investing in franchisees rather than investing in any other small business.

Netstationers, a prominent company that has been franchising, has a lot of success stories to tell and one of them is the story of Ross Edmond.

At the age of 27, Ross Edmond owns a company that has turnover of £1.1 million in its first year itself. The expert franchisor that Netstationers is, Ross is now looking to top the £1.5 million mark this year. As Netstationers deals with the suppliers directly, the franchise can bag big accounts, which is what Ross did.

The training provided by Netstationers is comprehensive and extensive and hence neither prior experience nor a stationery background is needed to have a Netstationers franchise. What is required is dedication and a little bit of sales inclination. Netstationers are looking for such people and if you are one of them, just get in touch with them.